7th Workshop

Session 1: Finance, Savings and Pension Funds

Modelling mortality using multiple stochastic latent variables
Jorge Bravo, University of Evora

Advantageous Selection in Private Health Insurance : The Case of Australia
Thomas Buchmueller, University of Michigan

Pension Funding and Individual Accounts in Economies with Life-cyclers and Myopes
Hans Fehr, Fabian Kindermann, University of Würzburg

Homeownership decisions: the role of credit markets
Serena Trucchi, University of Turin

A pooled time-series analysis on the relation between prior performance and pension fund choice
Waldes Andres Tapia, Inter-American Development Bank

Session 2: Pension Systems, Demography and Political Economy

Political equilibrium social security with migration
Thomas Renström, Marsiliani Laura, Durham University

Voting on pensions: sex and marriage
Marie-Louise Leroux, Université Catholique de Louvain, Pierre Pestieau, Université de Liège, Maria Racionero, Australian National University

Pension and Heterogeneity in OLG model
Bérangère Legendre, Université d’Orléans et Paris Dauphine

Session 3: Pension Systems and Reforms

Social Security Incidence under Uncertainty Assessing Italian Reforms
Devis Geron, University of Padoue

Futur public pensions in Germany
Johannes Geyer, Viktor Steiner, Deutsches Institut für Wirschaftsforschung

Inequality and pension reforms in Morocco
Salah-Eddine Benjelloun

Pension Reform and Individual Responsibility
Maria Teresa Medeiros Garcia, IGEG Lisbon