15th Workshop

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The 2017th edition is organized in partnership with The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford, hosted in Paris-Dauphine University, on May 23rd and 24th in Paris.

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Demographic Change and Labor Mobility by Marius Bickmann
Longevity Risk: To Bear or to Insure? by Ling-Ni Boon, Marie Brière, Bas J.M. Werker
About being accurate for the best estimate: Product designs for participating life annuities by Sandy Bruszas, Vanya Horneff, Barbara Kaschützke, Raimond Maurer
Generational distribution of consumption and income in Poland in the context of population ageing by Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak
From intention to decision in life insurance and private pensions: different effect of knowledge and behavioural factors by Simona Laura Dragoș, Cristian Mihai Dragoș, Gabriela Mihaela Mureșan
Impulsivity and Social Security by T. Scott Findley
The Impact of Intergenerational Transfers on Wealth Inequality in Japan and the United States by Yoko Niimi, Charles Yuji Horioka
Home sovereign bias and Italian pension funds: true love or forced love? by Paola De Vincentiis, Eleonora Isaia, Paola Zocchi
Deductions for Early Retirement by Markus Knell
Welfare effects of scal policy in reforming the pension system by Oliwia Komada, Krzysztof Makarski, Joanna Tyrowicz
The optimal portfolio for the mandatory pension system – the case of Poland by Radosław Kurach, Paweł Kuśmierczyk, Daniel Papla
Replicating Intergenerational Longevity Risk Sharing in Collective De ned Contribution Pension Plans using Financial Markets by Enareta Kurtbegu
Making Decision Planning work for Pensions in a Small Open Economy by Marion Laboure
Corporate Governance and Pension De-Risking Strategies: Evidence from the UK by Zezeng Li
Voting in the aftermath of a pension reform: the role of economic literacy by Elsa Fornero, Anna Lo Prete
Evaluating welfare and economic effects of raised fertility by Krzysztof Makarski, Joanna Tyrowicz
Labor market effects of Pension Reform : an overlapping generations general equilibrium model by Mouna Ben Othman, Mohamed Ali Marouani
Really healthier when retiring earlier? Evidence from France by Pierre-Jean Messe, François-Charles Wolff
Pension Funds and Development of Capital Markets in South Africa by Nthabiseng Moleko, Sylvanus Ikhide
Establishing linkages between Pension Funds and Capital Market Development in South Africa by Nthabiseng Moleko and Sylvanus Ikhide
Does Providing Informal Elderly Care Hasten Retirement? Evidence from Japan by Yoko Niimi
The redistributive effects of a mixed pension system in Peru by Javier Olivera
Valuing Life at Gunpoint, or as a Statistic, or both by Julien Hugonnier, Florian Pelgrin, and Pascal St-Amour
Retirement and Informal Care-giving: Behavioral - Patterns among Older Workers by Roman Raab
Geographical diversification in annuity portfolios by Clemente De Rosay, Elisa Lucianoz, Luca Regis
Who owns Stock in England? A panel analysis by Ashok Thomas and Luca Spataro
Robo Advisers vs. Humans: Which Make the Better Financial Advisers? by Jill E. Fisch, John A. Turner
Crowding (out) the retirees? RDD application to raising effective retirement age in Poland by Pawel Strzelecki,Joanna Tyrowicz
On the optimal introduction of a funded pension pillar by Jan Woznica