UEAM - Asset Management Summer Seminar

UEAM - Asset Management Summer Seminar is an annual event co-organized by Conviction AM, Morningstar and the House of Finance, to address the challenges facing Asset Management Strategists, both investors and managers, in the context of persistent low-yield markets.

As underlined by the program's organizers, prevailing bond market conditions have become untenable for many investors, and in particular European institutional investors.  Indeed, thirty years ago, the average yield net of inflation for long term bonds was internationally around 5%. Yields have slowly diminished to their current level of 0%, while risk premiums threaten to rise sharply due to the lack of visibility and procyclicality that now characterize stakeholders. Investors who were once able to develop stable, long-term asset management strategies find themselves obliged to adopt new rhythms, develop new tools, turn to new kinds of asset managers and identify new performance drivers as the market and market opportunities evolve: sovereign debt, corporate debt, bank debt, emerging debt, hybrid debt, convertible bonds, CoCo bonds, etc.

Listen to what Nicolas Duban, Managing Director of Convictions AM , has to say about the Asset Management Summer Seminar: