Research in Finance

Université Paris-Dauphine is recognized worldwide for its multidisciplinary and innovative approach to research. Dauphine ranks in the top 500 of the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities, alongside only 21 other French institutions.

Dauphine's 6 research centers, their dedicated teams and the university's 8 academic and research chairs are all directly or indirectly involved in the field of Finance. The House of Finance federates their efforts around a full spectrum of Finance-related subjects from Behavioral Finance to Risk Management and Quantitative Finance.


Dauphine Doctoral School

The Dauphine Doctoral School (EDD) lies at the crossroads of academics and research. PhD students prepare their doctoral thesis within the framework of a comprehensive academic program designed to train them in research methodology and skills in an approach Dauphine calls "learning research through research".  EDD offers five PhD programs covering all of the Dauphine disciplines: Economics, Information Technology, Mathematics, Management, and the Social Sciences. Dauphine PhD candidates have presented and defended more than 400 theses over the past 5 years, of which 100 were in the field of Finance.