Dylan Possamaï, a Paris-Dauphine - CEREMADE researcher, receives the SCOR Foundation's 2017 award for the Best Young Researcher in Finance and Insurance

15 May 17

Dylan Possamaï, 32,  lecturer, member of Dauphine's CEREMADE research center, and thesis advisor has received the SCOR Foundation's 2017 Prize for the Best young Researcher in Finance and Insurance.

At the 10th International Forum on Financial Risks, organized in Paris by the Europlace Institute of Finance, the SCOR Foundation for Science presented its 2017 award for the Best Young Researcher in Finance and Insurance to Dylan PossamaÏ, a member of the Université Paris-Dauphine faculty, for his pioneering and innovative work on risk management and contract theory. This is the second time in under 5 years that a member of the CEREMADE research team has received this prize that recognizes excellence in research in the field of financial mathematics (Bruno Bouchard was the 2013 laureate). The jury was chaired by Elyès Jouini, Vice President Université Paris-Dauphine and member of the Institut Universitaire de France. The award is financed by the SCOR Foundation for Science.

About the CEREMADE

CEREMADE, the Center for Research in Decision Mathematics, is a joint CNRS-Université Paris-Dauphine research center in Applied Mathematics. CEREMADE is dedicated to the study of mathematical applications for a broad range of sciences including economics, finance, image and signal processing, data analysis and classification theory, mathematical physics, mechanics, epidemiology, and astronomy.   

The center has a permanent team of approximately 60 faculty and university researchers divided into 3 main research groups:

Mathematics for Economics and Finance (Mathematical Economics and Financial Mathematics) 

Nonlinear Analysis, Image Processing and Scientific Calculation

Probability and Statistics.

The research group focusing on Mathematics for Economics and Finance is a unique concentration of cutting-edge expertise in Stochastic Analysis, Applied Mathematical Economics and Financial Mathematics, and Game theory with applications for Risk Management, Market Modeling, Behavioral Finance, Process Analytics and Big Data.

Director: Olivier Glass

About the SCOR Foundation Prize

The SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science is part of the SCOR Group’s long-term commitment to risk research and the dissemination of risk-related knowledge. The Foundation and its initiatives are an integral part of SCOR’s identity.

Over the years, SCOR has developed a number of partnerships with universities. Risk is in a sense the “raw material” of insurance and reinsurance, and SCOR aims to be at the cutting edge of risk expertise and research. A wide range of disciplines participate in apprehending, analyzing and managing risk: mathematics, actuarial science, physics, chemistry, geophysics, climatology, sociology, law, economics, finance, etc.

Promoting actuarial science

Each year, across Europe, SCOR rewards the best academic projects in the field of actuarial science with prizes. These prizes are designed to promote actuarial science, to develop and encourage research in the field, and to contribute to improving understanding and management of risk. 

For more information on SCOR and its Foundation for Science, visit the SCOR website: www.scor.com