The House of Finance, inaugurated in 2015, is Université Paris-Dauphine's Finance Pole.
It is a key component of the university's strategic drive to foster and strengthen a collaborative ecosystem in the field of Finance, one that engages both the academic and business communities.

Finance: a pivotal field at Dauphine

Université Paris-Dauphine takes pride in its resolutely multidisciplinary approach to Finance. The university offers programs in a complete range of disciplines including economics, management, mathematics, the social sciences and law - all fields where Dauphine is recognized for its academic and research excellence and for the quality of its graduates.

Paris-Dauphine programs are open to full-time and apprenticeship-track undergraduate and graduate students, and to practicing professionals through continuing education progams. Curriculum is professionally-oriented, preparing graduates for careers in all areas of finance and business.

The House of Finance unites efforts and energies around Finance, a field that touches on themes common to all of Dauphine's academic departments and research centers.

House of Finance: a collaborative ecosystem bringing together the academic and financial communities

The House of Finance is both a driver and catalyst, bringing together over 30 degree programs, 110 faculty and research fellows, 8 academic and research chairs and initiatives in the field of finance as well as numerous corporate partners.

Our ambition: contribute to developping responsible and sustainable finance; unite faculty, researchers, students and the financial community in a collaborative ecosystem where they can work together on cross-disciplinary subjects of common concern; develop robust partnerships with the financial community; and strengthen Dauphine's position as one of the world’s leading universities in Finance.

Introducing the House of Finance – presentation by Elyès Jouini, Director of the House of Finance